Cashmere wool.

What makes it so special?

Cashmere wool comes from the cashmere goat that originates in the Himalayas. This gives the wool a special effect. It is a gift from nature that we should cherish.

The Himalayas are located in the countries of China (Tibet), India, Nepal, Bhutan and in the west it borders Pakistan. The Himalaya is about 595,000 km2 and has 40 mountain peaks above 7000 meters and 9 peaks above 8000 meters.
The enormous relief in the area creates large “climate” differences at relatively short distances. The often small and narrow valleys cause a lot of wind and in some cases even with storm.
The mountains are so high that the rain (monsoon) has difficulty to “come over the mountain”. As a result, lot of rainfall on one side and very little on the other side. This causes also large climate differences.

An extreme habitat where the Cashmere Goat manages to hold its own. The cashmere goat can do this because their “belly wool” (cashmere wool) offers them good protection and warmth to survive in this area.

The cashmere goats live in large groups and are naturally very gentle. They used to roam here in the wild, but nowadays they are bred especially for wool. The goats shed once a year. In the past, the wool lost by the goats was collected by the local people. Today, the goats are shaved once a year on large farms mainly located in Mongolia and China.

After the goats have been shorn, the wool is selected. The belly-wool (cashmere wool) is separated from the “normal” goat-wool. The belly-wool has a long fiber and is much stronger than the “normal” goat wool. This belly wool makes the cashmere wool so special. Because only this wool has the special insulating and breathable effect.

The selection process determines the quality of the cashmere wool and also the price of the wool. If you select less well: For example, there is “back”-wool in the special “belly”-wool and it is still called cashmere-wool. Then it is clear that the quality is less, but also the price as such. This creates the sometimes large price differences of the cashmere articles in the shops.

A goat “produces” approximately 150/200 grams of cashmere wool per year. For a cashmere blanket you need about 6 goats. This and the special effect of the wool makes such a cashmere plaid very exclusive. Truly a gift from nature!

Your Cashmere Moment!